Who Pushed Your Buttons - Angry Man With Steam From Ears

Who Pushed Your Buttons

Just about everyone has heard the phrase “Your Pushing My Buttons”. Typically this is an indication to the other person that they are overstepping the boundaries and they would like the situation to cease or it could trigger a response of Anger or other related emotions.

Unfortunately it’s not always easy to deal with emotions in the correct way when in the midst of an argument or under pressure. These are usually the times when people say and do things that wish they could take back after the incident. But in most cases it’s just to late and the damage has been done.

The person using the terminology “Your Pushing My Buttons” also needs to realise that they are the only person who can make them feel a certain way. It’s not actually physically possible for someone else to make you feel a certain way. The chemical reactions all take place inside you. Each and every thought you have, creates a chemical reaction that is released into the body causing your body to react in a certain way. Increasing blood pressure, causing you to perspire are just some of the more noticeable things you may notice when paying attention to it.

Try it for yourself. Music can be an easy way to rapidly change your emotions. Play some music with a fast beat and feel your heart beat rise and your mood lift. Play some relaxing music and feel yourself relax and become more mellow in general.

Now you can see that Anger can be much more than someone simply calling you a few names or cutting you off in traffic. Now that you are starting to understand the physical side of anger, take a moment to read a related article about how anger can be something we inherit from the people we grew up around, family, friends and much more.

By taking a course with Anger Management Courses, you will learn how to recognise and deal with situations that used to make you angry. You will be equiped with powerful tools that will help you to be the real you.