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Anger Management Course - Court Approved, Certified
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Are anger issues tearing at every part of your life? Do you want less anger, irritation and frustration in your life? Have you reached a point where you have realised that if you keep doing what you have always done you will continue down the same road of hurt, disappointment and regret? Or do you want to change direction and start moving forward; in the pursuit of life long skills that will significantly improve the way you live your life?

If you are serious about working on your anger, and converting your anger from a negative pattern that wreaks havoc in your life to a productive tool that can enhance your health and wellbeing then this course will guide you through the steps necessary create real and sustainable change.  The work is about letting go of old anger habits that prevent you from reaching your personal or professional goals, and instead will shift you towards a life that has less frustration and more satisfaction.

The 6-session Anger Management course focuses on changing behaviours and building coping skills through a cognitive restructuring approach.  It explores anger, looks at myths surrounding anger whilst examining the link between our thinking and our behaviour. It helps identify how anger manifests its way into our lives, the patterns it assumes once it becomes set, and delves deep to understand our anger warning signs and triggers. The effect on relationships is considered, as are the powerful tools of communication, forgiveness and empathy.  Throughout the course practical strategies to cope are offered with examples.  These are the tools that create change.