About The Author

Meet Anne Serry

Early in her career Anne Serry completed a Bachelor of Arts (Social Sciences and Law) at Monash University, followed by a Certificate IV in Marketing & Communications. After a successful ten-year career in advertising, Anne’s professional life took a different turn when she decided to follow her passion and realise her aspiration of becoming a counsellor and psychotherapist.

This involved re-immersing herself in study and obtaining qualifications in Counselling and Psychotherapy (Cairnmillar Institute), as well as obtaining a Vocational Graduate Certificate in Bereavement Counselling (Australian Centre for grief and bereavement). Following completion of her studies, Anne was a volunteer Counsellor at CamCare, a not-for-proft community organisation for 18 months, followed by a period volunteering with vulnerable women at St Kilda Gatehouse, a not-for-profit organisation working with those affected by homelessness and hardship. In addition, Anne organised a fundraising event to support the Royal District Nursing Service Homeless Persons Program for several years running. In 2014 Anne established the Melbourne Counselling Centre where she continues as Director and lead counsellor.

At the Melbourne Counselling Centre Anne principally works with clients who have Anger Management issues, and it was through working with hundreds of clients that she developed a thorough and comprehensive understanding of this field of work. Her interest in anger management continues to grow after working with clients affected by familial abuse and domestic violence. She has seen how effectual anger management support does lead to long-term change and is committed to furthering her role in this field. In 2016 Anne co-authored an online anger management course, which enables clients of all cultural and socio-economic backgrounds to have access to resources and help.

Anne maintains a strong interest in developing and contributing to the online therapy space providing access to psychological support for a wider audience. She is also interested in the area of Trauma, PTSD and hypnosis, and is currently enrolled in further study in these areas.