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How Anger Affects Your Children

Have you ever really considered How Anger Effects Your Children? Im not just talking about the immediate fear and anxiety it causes them witnessing and experiencing emotional and physical abuse in the home.

Im talking about the long term effects that can literally effect their lives causing a range of issues for them. Some of those issues can be making friends, finding a life partner or even as simple as being able to connect on certain levels with workmates and colleagues.

Their have been a number of high profile studies that show that children learn these behaviour simply by witnessing it from the people around them as they grow up. They learn to respond to situations, people reactions and certain events in the same way their parents, family friends or anyone that they have spent a reasonable amount of time with from the age of Zero to roughly 7 years old.

This is because the brain of a child is very plastic and is designed to learn quickly from the experiences they encounter and form behaviours based on those experiences. Chances are that if your children are seeing this behaviour from the adults in their life, they will suffer with similar challenges throughout their life. Ultimately it’s our responsibility as adults to address Anger in the home to create a positive experience for our children to give them the best life we can.

If you have an anger problem or know someone who does. Our simple and effective online anger management course is the perfect place to start and learn new skills to pass on to our children, and also give yourself the opportunity to experience an anger free life yourself.