Why Anger Management?

For those of us who experience anger as an ongoing feature in our lives the search for answers and solutions can be a difficult journey.  Whilst anger management is a proven method for working on anger, the term is a bit misleading.  The goal is not to eradicate anger from our lives, but to work on eliminating the underlying issues that fuel the negative anger response.  You see, when anger is expressed in a healthy way it is no longer a problem.

If you are visiting this site, or reading this blog chances are you are searching for answers to an existing anger problem. It says you are motivated towards change, willing to acknowledge problem areas in your life and take constructive steps forward.

On the whole we relate to life through our experiences, and the more attentive we are to our experiences the better able we are to make sense of our lives. But when our understanding of ourselves is limited, we can’t make sense of why things happen as they do, and we don’t learn from life.

Anger in the most part is here to teach us about ourselves.  So, you could say that you and your anger are in relationship to each other. One influences and informs the other. When anger is managed well, your life is smoother, when it flares up and gets out of control it adversely impacts your life.

Working on your anger is like entering a new relationship.  It’s about taking a big step forward, being open to new ideas and experiences some of which may feel scary and confusing, whilst others will enlighten and heal you.  The task it to make sense of all the layers and in doing so there will most certainly be unexpected rewards.

When you decide to start working on your anger you will start to see your attitudes, beliefs and behaviors in a whole new way.  The more awareness you bring to your anger, the more you practice new skills, the faster change will come about.  Learning about anger is similar to taking up a new sport. You don’t become an expert overnight. It requires commitment, hard work, and dedication, practicing new skills every single day and, of course belief.  Belief that you can make the personal changes required to turn your relationship with anger from a negative one to a relationship that is sustainable and fulfilling.

And you can start your journey from anger and frustration to calm and content by enrolling in one of our online anger management course.