Anger Management Course Part 2

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Mastering anger is a process and occurs in stages and our Advanced Anger Management course is the next level in your online anger management training.

The first is to become aware of your anger, what it looks like, your triggers and your responses. These were the topics covered in the first course you recently completed.

The next step is transform the anger into something purposeful where it enhances key aspects of your life and leads you closer towards managing everyday challenges with ease. This next level course focuses on relationships, and what makes them work, namely communication, forgiveness and empathy. These next four lessons will teach you the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships, how anger affects those we love, and how power and control will ultimately destroy your relationship.

We look at the role of communication and its connection to anger, and begin to work on building your assertiveness skills. From here we take yet another step forward in your personal growth and development through our section on empathy and forgiveness. When you cultivate these abilities you are well on your way to mastering and transforming anger. The advanced course will assist you in expanding your own reflective practice, provide further strategies to cope and take you closer to transforming your life for the better.